Thanks for the memories!
After 23 succesful years, we have decided to close Wonderland Preschool!
We have enjoyed each and every family that has been in our program and continue to wish them all the very best life has to offer.

By closing Wonderland Preschool, we are giving Wonderland Charter School a chance to grow from a Kindergarten only program to a
Kindergarten through 5th Grade Program.

If you are interested in a superior education that is tuition -free and also offers free before and after school care, please visit the Wonderland Charter School web page or click on the link below.

Wonderland Preschool & Daycare
State College, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Wonderland!
“Where children learn to learn!”

Wonderland was the home of a quality educational program that aimed to nurture each child as an individual!  Our program was initially developed over a 23 year time span before we opened Wonderland Preschool & Daycare and included ideas and techniques that we learned from teaching around the world!  And, it continued to evolve and improve based on the last 20+ years of operation right here in State College that so successfully served some 2000+ families over the years.  

Each of our programs provided a consistent structure that focused on the whole child and the individual needs of each child!  Wonderland's quality educational programs were licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education with our own copyrighted curriculum for each age level served.

To provide total service for the family, Wonderland also provided a quality daycare licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.  This enabled families to take advantage of our educational programs while providing a nurturing, caring daycare setting.

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Wonderland Preschool & Daycare is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider of Services